Thursday, June 18, 2009

So annoyed and bewildered.... husband has three children from his previous marriage...and the youngest one graduated from high school and turns 18 this July. Per his divorce agreement...his child support ends when the youngest child has turned 18 & graduated from high school. What I don't understand is why we once again have to hire a very expensive attorney to file papers through the court system so he can stop paying $500 a month. Don't they have little expiration dates on the files that says...oh...we won't send notices to this dude...he fulfilled his monetary obligation. No...if you don't pay...even though you are done per the court order...they will serve a warrant on your ass and then you have to drive all the way to Orlando for garbage. Moral of this story: It's cheaper to keep her!!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Water baby

So, I took the doodle for a swim at my friend's house and she loved it. Ahhhh...the freedom to not be concerned about what she looks like in a bathing suit. Hopefully, if I teach my child will to be comfortable in her own skin.

I should so be doing laundry....

Well....after spying on strangers blogs for the last couple of months I decided I would try to blog and see if I like it. I enjoy reading about so many other people's lives and I feel like I have been invited to sit at their dinner table like an old friend. It's amazing to see so many common threads among other bloggers, that we all share the same worries, hopes, dreams and we are all just a little bit weird. So anyway, I can't say that my life is extraordinarily interesting and I worry about what in the hell do I possibly have to blog about but who cares really. If nothing else, I am basically typing out whatever thought comes into my head. Sounds like really cheap therapy if you ask me. God knows I could probably use some professional help. So anywho...I say that alot. I am a brand new mommy at 33 years old. I was one of those people who said until I was 31 1/2 that I would never...and I mean never....reproduce. I found that I would talk to my friends and they would have to run off to soccer practice, or dance class or they would bail on me because one of their offspring was ill. Frankly, for a long time I found it quite annoying. After a while I began to wonder that maybe there was something to this whole populating the earth thing. I mean look at what I do for a living, I help other women bring their children into this world. I've delivered quite a few myself...when time is of the essence. I can honestly say I have rocked, held, fed and changed hundreds of babies and I never got this overwhelming urge that I just have to have one. Until one night, I was sitting up at the nurses station watching the time tick slowly by, waiting for my 12 hour shift to be over. I was holding a brand new baby girl and she was all snuggle up on my chest making her little sounds, and I just knew. I want one!!! So fast forward three years and now here I am...a new mommy to my adorable little girl. The point of all this rambling, you ask? I imagine that is mainly what I shall talk about...mommyhood....working mommyhood. And if anyone actually reads this.....welcome!