Thursday, August 13, 2009

Kate plus eight and a douche.....

Well....I am way behind on posting here. Just when I sit down to update this the baby starts fussing or I'm trying to clean up in the short little nap the doodle is taking!!! I am so dreading being on call tonight...I would rather know I am going to work then sitting around worrying if I'm going to have to go to work....I should be grateful I have a good job...and infinite job security because it really doesn't matter how crappy the economy is...people will still's free!!!

So, this has been bothering me for a while....I am an avid viewer of Jon & Kate Plus 8...can't help myself...those kids are too darn cute and after having one of my own..I can't even begin to imagine how that woman keeps such an efficient household!! My husband can't stand Kate...thinks she is an overbearing, nagging, rooster-haired bitch. But I admire her. Now I am fully aware that she has people helping her....nannies..housekeepers etc..but it hasn't always been that way. They announced in June that they are getting divorced and I actually cried. It's quite sad!!! Then Jon is parading around with his 22 year old girlfriend...hanging out in bars....wearing two earrings (not that I have anything against this), etc. Now Kate has turned into the sympathetic media darling. Why are we compelled to watch this stuff....I guess it's not much different then driving past a traffic accident and glancing just a little too long. theory is that when we watch someone fail at something it just makes us feel better about our own insignificant lives.

I could go on but I will spare for what's currently happening here. Nothing dramatic. Just watching Emerson grow bigger every day. It seems like just yesterday I brought her home and she is changing before my eyes every almost makes me want to cry because you just want to slow down the progression of time. I am back at work...I only cried the first night. It was actually an easy transition back to work...and I am in a big hurry in the morning to get home and I'm always disappointed if she's asleep when I get home. Anyway...hope everyone has a great day!!!

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the cautionary tale said...

girl, you hit it on the head. he is acting like the leader of the dollar general douches