Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Poor little blog....

I guess old father time has gotten away from do people manage to have so many find time to blog. I have one child, one job and I haven't posted in months!!! Guess I've been busy living life instead of writing about it!!! I guess I'll try to play catch up.

The picture was taken by my very talented friend Wrenda...I typically hate any photo of myself but I figured this is my blog so I should put a picture of me and Emerson on here.

As for Emerson...she is now 14 months old...still refuses to walk unless you are holdin her hand. She climbs on everything, opens everything...just generally into everything!!! She will count one, two, three, four!!! She will mimic if we sing the ABC's. She now says juice, dog, cat, horse, duck, mama, dada (still her fave), ball, bye bye, hi, ouch, eat, oh!!!, geesh i can't remember all of them. She has grown by leaps and bounds. We go for her 15month check up in the end of this month...she weighed just under 20 pounds in April and was 27 inches tall. She is wearing mostly 12 months now and size 3 diapers, size 2 and 3 shoes. She has 8 teeth.

Well..I am determined to do better with blogging...let's see how long that lasts!!!

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spagirlgreene said...

How DO they DO IT?!?!
I know people who have a dozen children! Well, I know their HUSBANDS anyway... Funny... I haven't met the Wives. Must be home, barefoot and pregnant!
And some are pregnant with Number 6 or 8! WHAT?!?! !#@*@*! Seriously!
Love the title for this post though- "Poor Little Blog" ;)