Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fun at the Fair!!!

The annual county fair started last weekend and runs through this weekend and I have been chomping at the bit to take Emerson to the fair. The weather was great....not too cold...but a little nip in the air and no rain!!! I have no inspirations of riding the rides really....I'm hesitant to ride something that high and that fast that was set up in an afternoon and gets moved around so often. My husband assures me that fair rides are safer than theme park rides because the fair operators have so many more people that regulate them but I disagree. Not to mention the people who operate these things...Seriously!!!

We rode the carousel twice which Emerson LOVED!!! But mostly I think she enjoyed all the lights and loud music and people running around and the screaming from the people on the rides.

Oh...OK..I admit it...the real reason why we go to the fair is the food!! Corn dogs, curly fries, funnel cakes, candy apples, cotton candy....blah blah blah!!! I didn't say I ate all of these things....okay so I ate most of these things!!! Emerson chowed down on the curly fries but she was really interested in licking off the ketchup!!! we were leaving they had one of those little games where you throw the ping pong balls and you win a fish. Well...between Ross and I we landed six...and I said no the the six goldfish and went home with my one little fish and a pink bear. The fish is now swimming around a ginormous pickle jar until I get out and find him a more suitable living arrangement.

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spagirlgreene said...

I think a "ginormous" pickle jar is the perfect place for the perfect pet fish!!!! BTW, love the pic of Emme eating the Fries! Holy Moly! :)