Sunday, February 7, 2010

Farewell Old Friend....

Don't Cry For The Horses
Don't cry for the horses that life has set free. A million white horses forever to be. Don't cry for the horses now in God's hand. As they dance and they prance in a heavenly band. They were ours as a gift, but never to keep. As they close their eyes forever to sleep. Their spirits unbound. On silver wings they fly. A million white horses against the blue sky. Look up into heaven, you'll see them above. The horses we lost, the horses we loved. Manes and tails flowing, they gallop through time. They were never yours, they were never mine.
Don't cry for the horses. They'll be back someday. When our time is gone, they will show us the way. Do you hear that soft nicker? Close to your ear? Don't cry for the horses. Love the ones that are here. ~Author Unknown~

Copper passed away sometime Friday night or Saturday morning. He lived to the ripe old age of 38, which should be comforting that he lived a full life but it isn't. He will be missed! He had such a gentle soul and I will miss him dearly!


jen said...

weird ... i know ... but i did a google search of my blog and up popped yours ... and so here i am.
but ... i had to comment because ... i used to know a copper ... and he too is sorely missed.
and my indigo ... a beautiful grey arabian mare that got me through high school ... is missed as well ... and i love this poem/quote.
so sorry your copper had to leave this world.

Tammy said...

HI Kim,
I just came by to say hi. This post about made me cry. So sorry for your loss. What a beautiful horse. Love your blog and I hope to come back it visit it some more. See you at work. Tammy (lab)