Friday, October 15, 2010

The Office/Craft Room

I'm really enjoying this show us your life at Kelly's Korner. I had a lot of fun last week looking at everyone's kitchens and reading the sweet comments from people who stopped by my house!! Today is the here goes nothing....
This is what you see when you walk in the door. The desk I bought from Office Max a few years ago and the bookcases on either side are actually the left and right side of an entertainment center but since my house had a built in entertainment center, we had to repurpose it elsewhere. Until recently, I was hanging on to my PC and resisting the urge to buy a laptop and then my PC died a brief, painful death and forced me to buy a new computer. Ummmm...I so don't miss my PC. The office is right next to my daughter's room and if I wanted to browse on the computer while she was napping then all four pugs would follow me in there and make a bunch of noise and that was the end of nap time!!!

Pictured here is the entertainment center that I repurposed to hold all my craft materials. I haven't touched this cabinet since my daughter's 1st birthday!!!

This is the filing cabinet that matches the desk...also purchased at Office Max...I try to keep all my paperwork organized and sorted if I bring it in the house. I hate shuffling the same papers over and over!!!

This picture is one of my favorite things the picture frame.....THE DYSON!!! I have had my Dyson for seven years...that's a long time for a vacuum and it's still going strong.

I think we lost our decorating steam when it came to the office as it was the last room we put together after we moved in so it has the plain walls and a hodgepodge of decor. Oh well...I'll save that for another day!!!


Heather said...

What a cute office! I love the pink and green tubs, my favorite colors!

~Jamie Kubeczka~ said...

Very nice!