Friday, October 29, 2010

Yeehaw!! One word to describe my guest bedroom..

Over at Kelly's Korner and Show us Your Life Friday's the theme today is guest room. My husband had complete control over the decor of this one ladies.

This is the view from the hallway. This used to be our bed but it got very crowded with myself, hubby, 4 pugs and the baby, so we upgraded to a king sized bed and now we have kicked out the pugs and the baby sleeps in her crib but somehow we still end up sleeping on the edge.

I certainly wouldn't describe us as "western" people but we do have horses and a very noisey donkey named Buford. Who needs a doorbell? He brays VERY loudly every time someone drives up to our house. I love the sign in the corner, it says "I whisper but my horse doesn't listen!". The bedding and curtains are all from Target....the curtains are amazing...amazing because if you close them it's like sleeping in a cave. This comes in quite handy if you work nights and sleep during the day!!! The bed is an antique 4 poster rice bed.

This photo shows the bookcase with miscellaneous items. I really like the teepee lamp on's actually a lamp shade for a full size lamp but I just put a small little light inside and really like the way it looks. Also, we had no hand in the death of the cow hanging on the wall. I really like the antique desk that sits in the corner.

I guess that's about it....thanks for visiting and for any comments, love me some comments. Very excited about trick or treating this weekend with the little one!!!


Mom2One said...

Awesome room! I love the theme! Brown and red are two of my fav color combinations. =) Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. I'm pretty excited about trick-or-treating this weekend too!! Hope you have fun!

Shoshanah said...

I really like the antique desk too! I definitely need a desk in our house, and something like that would be perfect!

Chelsi said...

I love your warning "my husband had control over this one!" Hahaha! Hey, it happens, right?! I like the warmth of the walls in this room! I'd snuggle right up in that bed! :)

Thanks for visiting my blog!

spagirlgreene said...

THIS has ALWAYS been one of my most FAVORITE ROOMS ever!!!! And I'm talkin' FAV as in I'd pick it over rooms in BHG or Southern Livin' Girl!!!! Yee-Haw Ya'll...