Tuesday, October 27, 2009

3rd Annual Trek to McIntosh....

So as usual...I take my vacation the end of October and for the last three years this has been one of the highlights. This year I returned with my friend Pam from work and my life-long friend Kim, who I have known since before elementary school. We wandered around for a couple of hours and bought a couple of things...I picked up a couple of Christmas gifts. Pam and Kim decided to have some deep fried they set up ONE potato and peel it and deep fry a potato cost about, what, 20 cents....well these high dollar potato chips will set you back $5.00. So hence the picture of the 5 dollar potato chips....very reminiscent of the 5 dollar foot long commercials from Subway that invade your brain daily.

Anyhow....we had lovely weather...and it was the longest I have been away from Emerson, minus when I'm at work. It was weird not dragging out the stroller, diaper bag and all the various accessories that accompany child rearing.

I'm sure I shall return again next year...I do love this cute little town!!!

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