Friday, October 30, 2009

So not a joiner.....

So, Emerson and I were invited to her first official play date. We met up with a friend from high school and her 8 month old little boy this past Tuesday. My friend Georgia had been to this group on other occasions and was kind enough to invite me and my babe along. It was actually kind of nice to hang out with other mothers of with kids in the general age range as Emerson. Most of my friends have kids but they are age 3 and up. So we sat under a shady tree, which wasn't really necessary as it was very overcast and threatening rain the whole time. Caterpillars would drop off on us occasionally. So all the little ones had their lunch and the adults chit-chatted and they were amazed that my little 6 month old child wonder drinks from a sippy cup. Anyway, Emerson enjoyed the swings for about ten minutes until mother nature foiled our plans....shucks! We plan on doing it again on next Tuesday...can't wait!!!

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spagirlgreene said...

OMG... I love this picture of Emme! Who needs PhotoShop with a photo like this!!!!